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Setting treshold speed

You can select a treshold value for speed (default 5 km/h or mph); statistics for speeds above and below the treshold value are displayed separately (resp. "Moving" and "Stopped"). The idea behind it is to filter out pauses.



Hover the mouse cursor over a track segment to show the data.

Track data

When you click the button "Track data" a new window will be opened with a table that shows the data of all track points. You can copy the data with Ctrl-A & Ctrl-C (Cmd-A & Cmd-C on the Mac) and paste it in a spreadsheet.

Speed sailing record

A speed sailing record is a speed record for wind powered craft. Such a record is formed by the highest average speed over a specified distance or the greatest distance traveled over a specified time. This can be calculated with the button "Speed sailing record" (which appears next to the help button after a track has been loaded). The tool shows the top 5 of the routes with the highest average speed or the longest distance covered.
This is primarily intended for sailing ships, but it can also provide interesting information for other athletes.

Note: The specified length usually does not correspond to a whole number of track segments. Therefore, in most cases an extra track point is added when displaying a track part.

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Speed sailing record

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